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About Us


Christ’s Christian Church is an independent Christian Church under the leadership of Elders Wiley Conner and Steve Lyle.


We believe that Scripture, as God's word, is the sole infallible rule of faith for the Christian life and thus we seek to move more and more into conformity with it in all aspects of our individual and corporate lives. 

With a heart set on glorifying God and a fresh commitment to His Word, one of the reoccurring themes for our Christian community is a focus on being a healthy, faithful, Biblical church. And slowly, as the Lord remains faithful to His promises, we are moving closer and closer to displaying the fullness of the glorious reality He has called us to.

We are a congregation of diverse backgrounds and preferences, but we push aside those differences to worship God in submission to His revealed will. Our "worship through music" is a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary spiritual songs while our "worship through the Word" consists of a regular diet of verse-by-verse exposition with the occasional topical series. 

Summing up God's call to the Christian found in His Word, our mission is very simple: Grow and Serve. This mission serves as the foundation and prompting for our worship gatherings, our prayer meetings, our weekly studies, and our community service opportunities. We seek to grow into the image of our lord and savior Jesus Christ while we serve and bless those around us... in hopes of being a vehicle for God to bless those around us ultimately with saving faith of their own in Jesus Christ!

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